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       06, November, 2018

What Would 10% Mean to Your Business?

Designed with 10% gains as a starting point, The Pioneer Mindset has been used by some of the world’s largest organizations and brands to catalyze an innovative future. This one-day event, in a prestigious venue, with 20 likeminded people and a renowned global facilitator. gives your organization access to these tools, techniques and insights.

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Corporate mindset program, Condensed and tailored for you.

Select group of like minded peers in an exclusive environment.

Major impact on your work and your organization’s success.

Unlock Innovation – Stay Relevant

An exclusive opportunity to create your Pioneer Mindset and take it into your organization for measurable impact.

Despite world-leading strengths in sales, marketing, distribution and operations, the most successful corporations on the planet are hindered in new portfolio, product, service and business model development. Challenges with the innovation process operating at scale and past successes prevent agile thinking and actively block the route to future success.

The Pioneer Mindset has been developed through deep-dive exploration journeys with Fortune 500 organizations, driving results focused on 10% gains. Are you ready to catalyze your brand by accessing its strong heritage and capability, honing it into an effective, competitive, modern approach?

Once-only limited chance to join us as one of 20 participants, taking advantage of the experience, tools, insight and high-level peer networking.

Why You Need to Be There

Globally-renowned facilitator, Author and Founder of My Amazing Team Andy Swann shares why these Pioneer Mindset events are so exclusive, why there are happening now, why they are so strictly limited and why they will never happen again.

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The Ultimate Corporate Innovation Workshop


When you register for one of the 20 spaces, you guarantee your place at this exclusive event. Secure it for access to the tools and techniques to catalyze your company, an exclusive attendee resource pack, peer-level networking and a pre-event video email course 10 Steps to an Innovation Mindset.

Targeted Plan

The Pioneer Mindset event is specifically designed for you. Whatever your challenges or aims, the facilitated tools, techniques, playlist and flow will empower you to adopt the approach to overcome blockers and start moving forward in an accelerated manner.

Exclusive Access

The content for this day is a bespoke adaptation of our Pioneer Mindset intensive workshops, with brand new resources, materials, techniques and approaches never used elsewhere. An entire company transformation in one accessible, value-added day.

Our Guarantee

By participating in The Pioneer Mindset, you will unlock powerful approaches and methods to unleash the future of your organization, brand and your own role. You will leave with your own actionable plan that can create 10% positive impact in any area you choose.

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Some of Our Previous Participants


‘This event exceeded all my expectations. I have worked with many facilitators and research leaders, but Andy has to be one of the best’

Senior Research Scientist, Global Beverage Brand

‘Andy is helping companies dive into places others are too scared to take them, using the findings to support the businesses in creating their own blueprints.It’s powerful stuff’

Senior Sustainability Leader, Global Beverage Brand

‘This helped us create not only the vision, but the actions we need to press ahead on a focused road map. Andy rocks and helps people think in a way no one else can!’

Tech Innovation Manager , Major Global Consumer Brand

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Pioneer Mindset is a once-only immersive exploration designed for impact. It is taking place in exclusive locations in 16 cities between September and November 2018.