Pioneer Mindset FAQs

What is The Pioneer Mindset?

The Pioneer Mindset is a one-day event sharing the powerful tools and techniques any organization needs to develop its own mindset for staying relevant, innovative and successful today and into the future.

It uses strategies, tools and techniques developed for some of the world’s largest organizations and biggest brands,  crunching a high-budget 3-day corporate exploration into an impactful one-day immersion, designed and delivered by one of the world’s leading agencies and facilitators.

Coming to 16 cities, each immersion is strictly limited for up to 20 people, held in an exclusive venue and created to provide lasting inspiration and impact for every participant and their organization. From a starting point of what would 10% gains mean to you, The Pioneer Mindset will help you build the framework to bring constant progress to your business.

What Do I Get?

Every participant gets the exclusive opportunity to be one of a maximum of 20 people in the room. Over the course of a structured, facilitated day, you will use tools and techniques created by My Amazing Team and utilized by some of the most complex organizations and largest brands on the planet.

In addition, the mindset, process and strategies you develop will be recorded and taken back to your business for positive implementation, using bespoke designed stimulus and resources – all of which you will take away with you in digital and printed form.

Personally, you will get inspiration from creative problem-solving techniques and new perspectives, while having the opportunity to network with peers during a day designed for experience, immersion and impact.

From the first welcome to the end of day social drinks, you will be wholly immersed in ensuring relevance for the future and ongoing gains, in an environment designed to give you alternative thinking space to create that success.

What About ROI/ VFM?

The Pioneer Mindset event is designed specifically to deliver the value of a 3-day corporate immersion in a one-day exploration, at a fraction of the investment. It’s powerful, intensive and why we will never repeat the event after this limited series.

From the participant packs that are full of resources, stimulus, a copy of Andy Swann’s book The Human Workplace and other high-value items, to the take-away toolkits, techniques and strategies, everything is designed to create value and impact.

You can implement the strategies to drive a minimum of 10% gains in any area of your business and the value you get from an immersive day in an alternative environment dedicated to thinking differently is invaluable. However you measure it, The Pioneer Mindset will deliver for you.

What Will I Take Away?

The entire day is designed around creating your organization’s Pioneer Mindset. You will leave with strategies, approaches, developed ideas, tools and techniques to create 10% impact in any area of your business.

You’ll gain inspiration, connections and new perspectives, as well as creative thinking and other techniques you can use to maximize impact in your life and work. There will also be some surprises!

In short, you will take away the ability to keep your organization relevant and successful into the future.

Who is Organizing The Pioneer Mindset?

The Pioneer Mindset is organized by My Amazing Team, bringing together their experience in global project delivery, corporate immersions and event creation to deliver the ultimate corporate innovation exploration.

Who is Hosting The Pioneer Mindset?

The Pioneer Mindset is developed by My Amazing Team, based on delivering innovation, strategy, transformation and insight projects for some of the largest, most complex organizations on the planet and biggest brands.

The day is hosted and facilitated by Andy Swann, author of The Human Workplace and global expert on the relationship between people and organizations. Andy coaches some of the most senior business people on the planet to deliver relevancy and sustainable success and is known for his inspirational, energetic and approachable style.

He will be supported on the day by facilitators form My Amazing Team to ensure every participant has the most immersive, impactful experience.

Is There a Delegate Pack?

Every Pioneer Mindset participant will receive a full set of resources, tools and stimulus. In addition, a participant pack containing high-value materials, products and books, including The Human Workplace by Andy Swann, will ensure the impact continues long after you leave the room and go back into your organization.

What About the Venue?

Each Pioneer Mindset venue has been exclusively selected for quality, immersion and environment. They are private, centrally-located, high-quality locations, that are far more inspiring and immersive than a traditional meeting or conference space, where hosting and hospitality are excellent. This will run right through to the end of day drinks and networking reception.

You will be sent the venue details at least 2 weeks in advance of your Pioneer Mindset session.

Act Fast to Secure Your Space

The Pioneer Mindset is limited to 20 spaces in each of the 16 locations. It is a once-only event and will never happen again. Register now to secure your place.