Create the future.

Empowering the world’s leading organizations and brands to create an exciting future with the knowledge, information, mindset and direction they need to outperform their competitors.

What we do.

We design and deliver challenging projects that create impact.

Combining creativity, insight and research at optimum levels to power action and progress. We leverage true global capability, creating the most targeted project design and delivery, providing our clients with unparalleled, insightful outputs.

Co-Creation/ Insight

Consumer and employee collaborations. The best way to influence the future is to plug into the expertise in and around it, adding some wild cards as you go.

Innovation Mindset/ Hacking

Creating the right balance of agile, design thinking and systems plug-in to create the mindset that drives iterative progress and fuels achievement.


Ideation and Product/ Service Concept Development

Curating immersive environments that inspire creativity and turn ideas into action. Vision, strategy, progress and performance.


Immersive/ Experiential/ Creative Research

Getting to the root of where the insight is and reverse engineering the spaces, people and places required.

How we do it.

10 projects per year.

We work exclusively with Global Fortune 500 companies and Global Top 500 brands, engaging with the organizations who demonstrate the potential to catalyze impact through progressive vision. By committing focus, detail, energy, intensity and exclusivity to our clients, we help them to catalyze future success.

Break the Mould:

When you do the same things, at best the same things happen. Change your thinking, change your approach, outperform the competition.

Driving Force

Our mission is to create impact and help shape the future, by focusing on where it matters. Your success.

The Vision

Every organization and brand should have the opportunity to be truly amazing. We equip the best with the tools to succeed today and forever.

Where we do it.

Wherever you need us.

We took the agency model, rethought it and recreated it for the next era of business. Wherever you need us, that’s where we are. Our projects have been delivered on every continent*, sometimes simultaneously.

*Except Antarctica… so far!

The difference.

Benefits and guarantee.

We empower companies and brands to ask the right questions, then help answer them. From approach to venue, insight to output, participants to presenters, data collection to statistical analysis, concept visualizations to stakeholder collaborations, it’s all bespoke and always unique.

The benefits we bring
  • Flexibility.
  • Rapid delivery.
  • Truly Global capability.
  • Short notice mobilization.
  • Next day proposals.
  • End-to-end project services.
  • All-inclusive partnership approach.
  • Discretion, never leverage our clients for our own ends.
  • Cross-industry capability.
  • Leverage and connect your experts.
  • Trusted relationship development.
The MAT guarantee
  • A unique, creative proposal provided and presented within 24 hours.
  • Any project from inception to commencing delivery within 2 weeks (or as required).
  • Immersive, experiential projects with added value.
  • Engaging and creative outputs that over-deliver.

Something for everyone.

Open access workshop events.

Every organization and brand can have access to the My Amazing Team approach. We run an ongoing series of strictly limited seat workshops, explorations and events to empower everyone to create the future.

Speak to us.

We’re all about conversation.